about me.

"We live surrounded by feelings. All life is a frenzy in which we aim to accumulate the best and forget the evil. Every time I create, I enter another dimension, in which I want to keep all the feelings. I think what we feel is stronger than what we see. Depression, happiness, anger, melancholy, chaos and magic in our lives should be well preserved in a photograph, so that we can always look at it, or whenever we want to relive the moment, just as we do with perfumes. For me, photography is my own brand of perfume.


In other words, my art deeply reflects emotions and feelings. The surrealism, the grotesque and sometimes the unnatural found in the photo I create, invokes more than a simple click on the shutter. Specifically, for me, photography is a complex creative process. I like to direct frames where I can play with the world of fairy tales, magic, the unnatural or the abstract.



Whatever it is, creation comes from within me. Sometimes my art gets darker and focuses on body aesthetics, in a way that creates a sense of uneasiness to the viewer, but other times, I like to bring color, beauty and fantasy as the main key point of my photography. "

APERTUREKA is actually a pseudonym under which I, Andreea Zamfirescu, work as a photographer.

The story of APERTUREKA began somewhere around 2014, in Southampton, Great Britain, while I studying photography. Over the years, APERTUREKA has developed and broaden its horizons in working both within in the field of photography, as well as content creation or graphic design. 


Graduate of the Faculty of Photography, BA (Hons) Photography, at Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UK


Broken Frames of the Everyday Bucharest, 2012; Sweet Romania, Bucharest, 2013; 21st Century Exhibition, Southampton, UK, 2015 Methods & Approaches, Southampton, UK, 2015; SELCOUTH: FMP SHOW-

Southampton, UK, 2016; SELCOUTH: FMP SHOW London, UK, 2016; Night of Houses @ Avanpost8, Bucharest, Romania 2016, F64, MYTHOLOGY, 2018



IQuads, Irregular Choice UK, Fuzzique UK, ANON Magazine,  VICE Romania, Lenscratch, PhotoVOGUE, National Geographic Romania, modapebune.ro, Eclectica, Accent Jewelry, Waterlilly Boutique, The Printspace LONDON, Haifa Fashion, Muranos Romania, Southern Ice Company UK , GiftForYou, Regal Gold, Elizaah, Darfil, AccentBijuterii, Maison Du Savon etc.